Aboveground Biomass Estimation in R

We are thrilled to announce the speaker for the fourth session of our highly successful mentorship program for graduates of #forestry in Africa. This incredible program has already made a significant impact on the participants, and we’re excited to continue empowering aspiring professionals in the field.

🎤 Our Distinguished Speaker: Krishna Poudel is an Assistant Professor of Forest #Biometrics from the Department of Forestry🌳, Mississippi State University, 🇺🇸

As we prepare for this upcoming session, it’s important to highlight the tremendous impact our #mentorship program has had on the participants so far. Through the guidance of industry experts, graduates of forestry in Africa have gained invaluable insights, honed their skills, and developed strong networks within the field.

Previous sessions have focused on key topics such as the concept of Forest biometrics, opportunities in the field, sustainable forest management and climate change mitigation. Participants have not only expanded their knowledge but have also gained the #confidence and motivation to drive positive change in their respective communities.

We cordially invite all graduates of forestry in Africa, as well as anyone passionate about sustainable forest management, to join us for the fourth session of our mentorship program. It promises to be an enlightening experience.

Come and be inspired by our guest speaker as he shares his expertise and insights to help young people in the field of Forestry. Together, let’s build a brighter and more sustainable future for our continent.

🌿 Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Stay tuned for further updates and registration details. Together, we can make a significant difference in the world of forestry!

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You can watch the recorded video using the link below:




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