Mentorship Program for Young Graduates of Forestry

Education is great tool capable of enlightening the mind, liberating one from the shackles of ignorance and positively changing the lives of everyone who possess this tool.


We as an organization understand to an appreciable extent the role education plays in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (#sdgs2030).

It is at the heart of the goals and it is important to reduce inequalities and improve health. We also need education to reduce and break inter-generational poverty, achieve gender equality, eliminate child marriage among many other challenges rocking our world.


Yes, we know that despite several efforts to promote quality education for all, at least 262 million children, adolescents and youths are still out of school with which most of them are girls. We believe we can still do better in promoting this goal as there is still much for us as an organization, people and nation to do.

In celebrating, the International Day for Education for the year 2023, a day set aside by the United Nations to remind people of the importance of #education, we want to zoom our focus on mentoring young graduates of Forest Biometrics in Africa 🌍 via support from renowned Professionals in this field of #forestry across the world.

To register, kindly use the link on the flyer.
Together, we can make the world a better place.

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