“The world needs you to not lose sight of your compassion and generosity, or your active seeking of ways to help others” – Ryan M. Niemiec, Education Director, VIA Institute.

At TAG, one thing we see every day is a world that constantly needs our help. Yes, our help because we all have a role to play in making the world a better place no matter how little it is. We should never lose sight of the tremendous potential deposited in us from creation and our fulfilment here on earth lies in effectively utilizing these potentials to its fullest. 

At TAG, we are a non-governmental/nonprofit organization and a gathering of young Achiever’s fully dedicated to making a difference through positive impacts and visionary leadership. 

Our Services


Effective leadership ability is an essential quality common to every great leaders and as well an important ingredient required for nation building. We believe strongly that behind every great achievement for a family, organization or nation, there is the vital input of a leader with a great foresight and amazing management skills bringing together every needed resources to achieve this goal. At TAG, our focus is to raise leaders and unlock the potential of our members to become a better person who will understand their significance here on earth as well as the tremendous power made available for them from creation and in turn become a change agent in whatever field of life they find themselves.


If you think education is expensive, wait until you see how much ignorance cost in the 21st century. Just as the appearance of light drives out darkness, so does our level of education drives out ignorance. While we at TAG raise quality leaders, we bear in mind the relevance of quality education in helping them understand the complexities that exist in our society today and as well making the task of leadership very easy. This is the major reason behind most of our trainings, seminars and conferences on leadership, data science and motivational meetings. These helps our members and participants gain the required knowledge to understand the world and people around them and for sure their confidence in life.


There is a point in the life of a man that the affairs of life looks so difficult and going forward amidst several of these life challenges becomes a very big issue. Most people tend to give up at this point and only the few who persisted when the going gets tough are celebrated in the end. At TAG, our ministry is to these statistics of people who are giving up daily as they lack the motivation to keep moving forward amidst whatever situation life brought their way. To the feeble, the discouraged ones, those who are going through some challenges and are finding it hard to keep pushing. We are determined to be a source of motivation to them and help as many of them that we can, God helping us.

What participants Say

"Now I can use R for basic data analysis in my field. This progress is as result of the decision I took to be a part of the training Tag Ng organized for undergraduates at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria. I am so happy. Thank you Tag Ng. I look forward to many of your trainings."
Funaab R Training, 2019
"I heard about Tag Ng on linkedin and I decided to be a part of their physical training on the usage of R. It was really an interesting moment for me and one of the best training I have seen on that subject. I am glad I joined! Thank you to the organizer of training. God bless Tag Ng."
Lagos R Training, 2020
“This is an excellent in-depth presentation on geospatial analysis. Thank you”
Bilikisu Wunmi Aderinto (Cordinator, Abuja R Users’s Group)
Geospatial Analysis with R with Professor Candace Berret. (2022)

Our Success Stories


Since we started our operation in 2012 till now, we have positively impacted more than 5000 students all across Africa especially with our campaign on making popular the usage of R programming among undergraduates in Africa.


Participants at every of our training have always been happy to be a part of it as they were blessed and enriched with new knowledge on what they never know before. This for them is a great confidence booster and for us a joy as our vision is being fulfilled and people get to trust our services the more.


For more than 5 years now, we have consistently remained in the heart of many young undergraduates in Africa and some other parts of the world with our quality training and the quality of trainers we have that have been of great help to them and their career.

Our Partners